Monday, August 5, 2013

...and the Crown goes to...

Guest Post by Team Cange:

CO-CHAMPIONS FOR 2013!!!    Team Cange and Team Parkinson together claim the ‘first time ever’ shared first place prize in the 2013 LPG!! 

After an extremely frustrating drought over the last (how many?) weeks of only needing one plate, and after nothing but the sound of crickets from all competitors over those weeks, FINALLY today the ‘where oh where is Delaware’ turned into the ‘There oh There is Delaware’!!  

But Team Cange would not have seen the Delaware plate without the unselfish assistance of Team Parkinson who so graciously shared the big find with Team Cange.  We will not have any ‘globbing on’ as happened embarrassingly in prior years; it is Co-Champions for 2013!!

To add even more decisiveness to the shared victory, see the other two attachments for plates also seen by Teams Cange and Parkinson today: one from Puerto Rico and one from, are you ready for this: Washington D.C. (which is actually the second one from D.C. that we saw this summer!!).  We have never seen D.C. plates before during our years of playing the game.

So, John, I hope you kept that box for the crown as we advised last year so you can mail the crown back to its rightful place in Southern California.  Please mail it to: Team Parkinson.

Who will be next to get all 50???
 - - - 
Team Debbie's response:
OMG!  Congratulations!
How generous of you to share your victory with Team Parkinson.  Has Team Parkinson collected all 50 states?  If not, I believe the victory belongs to Team Cange, alone.  Sorry, Team Parkinson...get over it.  I think the "globber rule" aka "globbing on rule" applies, but I will defer to the group's decision on the matter.
(Interesting that a Delaware temporary plate is all the way in San Diego.  Can't say I've ever even given a temporary plate a second look because I've always assumed they were local.  Knuckle bump for thinking outside the box!)
I'm really surprised it took so long for a License Plate Game 2013 winner to be declared.  So many of us have been down to one plate for so long!  I'm still standing by my observation that the economy is better than the last few years because I continue to see many difficult plates.  Just yesterday, I saw West Virginia (Sorry, Team Parkinson), Delaware (Yep, Team Cange), and New Hampster. 
So, Team Cange you are proposing Co-Champions, does that mean if Team Parkinson finds West Virginia before any of us find our last plate, they are not in coveted 2nd place since they are already 'co-champions?' 

Or if they find their last plate, say after one of us, does that mean, for example:

1st place + 3rd place = 2nd place? 

Just trying to clarify where we all stand...doesn't seem quit fair, but again, I will defer to the consensus of the group.
Congratulations, Team Cange, well done!  Can't wait to see your Official License Plate Game 2013 portrait wearing the coveted crowns!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

What rhymes with banana?

You guessed it, Montana!  Team Debbie has found 49 of 50 state license plates since Memorial Day.  Will I actually find all 50 states before the 4th of July?  It's only happened one other time in the 20+ years we've been playing.  One more to go...Rhode Island.


"Team Cange is still stuck on Delaware…AARRGGHH!!"
Team Gallina, "...Rhode Island, Hawaii and Nevada for me."
Team Loretta,  "We still need Wyoming, Vermont, Rhode Island, Oregon (C'MON), New Hampshire & Hawaii!!!!!"
Team Barbara is keeping pretty quiet about her progress.
Team Parkinson, has 43 plates.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mele Kalikimaka!

Yep, it's true!  I saw Hawaii this morning.  Happy Father's Day to me!  The really interesting thing was that it was parked next to a van with an Alaska license plate (already had Alaska).  It's June 16th and Team Debbie only has three more license plate to go:  North Dakota, Montana, and Rhode Island.  Gotta admit I'm feeling pretty confident that this is a 50 state summer.  

Anyone else willing to share their progress?  Helloooooo?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Detante on Vermont!

Wahoo!  Look what Gracie and I found this morning!   What a relief!  Down to these slick six:

Delaware - worried
Hawaii - semi-worried
Montana - not worried
North Dakota - not worried
Oregon - really?
Rhode Island - worried

How about you?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Authentic Find!

Wow!  Typically, we find Maine plates on semi trucks, but today, we actually spotted an authentic plate, lobsters and all, on a car!  Not worth any more points, but pretty impressive, nonetheless. 

On Friday, Team Cange said:

Crickets, crickets, crickets…

Any updates from anyone?

See attached that I nabbed tonight parked on the street in Escondido.  One of the fearsome fivesome for me.  Cha-ching!!

Awesome find, Team Cange!  Don't know how many plates you have, though. 
Okay, time for the big reveal!  Drum roll.........Team Debbie has 38 plates! 

Team Parkinson inexplicably says they are too busy hemming prom dresses...what?  Who is too busy to play the License Plate Game?  I'm kind of surprised Team Parkinson didn't petition to postpone the game until all prom dresses are hemmed!  I guess this means they have found zero plates????

Team Loretta had 30 plates on May 28th.

Team FastBuicks has found 35% of the plates as of May 29th.

The other teams have yet to report their numbers.  Hmmmm.  A little worried about the silence or as Team Cange said,  "crickets, crickets, crickets."

How many plates does your teams have?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Happy hunting and safe driving!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

West Virginia, Cha-Ching!

First full day of #LPG13, and Team Debbie (that's me) has 27 out of 50 plates.  Not too excited about most of them, but I did find a West Virginia...woot, woot!  Virginia and New Mexico are pretty good finds, as well.  How are you doing?