Tuesday, September 6, 2011

License Plate Game--CA Sweep! and Worst Year EVER in STL!

There was an unprecedented California sweep--1st and 2nd Place--in our annual License Plate Game, 2011. Hurray for the newly crowned King and Princess of the License Plate Game, Team Cange, our 1st place winners AND for the 2nd place winners, Team Parkinson, who had never before placed in the long and storied history of the game, (even when they lived in Atlanta, duh), until now!

The two St. Louis teams went down with a collective five unfound plates: Team Gallina--Alaska and Hawaii and Debbie "Formerly Known As THE QUEEN"--Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. For Debbie "Formerly Known As THE QUEEN," 2011 was the WORST YEAR EVER!

With the sting of the reality that our annual summer fun game was coming to a brutally, unsuccessful end, the St. Louis contingent was presented with the following image to add salt to the wounds of defeat:

Yes, that is the Classy California Contingent calling (defeat obviously hasn't impaired the ability to create a cool alliteration) us losers! Losers? Are you really calling us, Losers?

Well, live it up CA because next year THE QUEEN will be back with a vengeance! Come 2012, the crown will be back in "The Lou" and victory will be ours!

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