Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 2 of #etmooc - Like your first ski jump?

The following questions were posed by Alec Couros in the Welcome & Orientations session held on elluminate:
  • How do you make your learning visible? 
 My learning becomes visible as I develop a digital presence.  It doesn't have to be anything formal, and it doesn't have to all be in one space.  My learning is visible when I participate in the #edugood365 project on Flickr, share images on Instagram, presentations on Slidesare, videos on YouTube, pins on Pinterest, bookmarks on Diigo, and infographics on Infogram.  My learning is visible when I comment, post updates and share interesting links on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  It is visible when I write a new blog post.  Most of all my learning is visible when I write a reflection, which is the transformational piece that takes all of my thoughts and experiences and produces something new or creates change.  "Small tools loosely joined" will allow me to share my #etmooc learning journey as I explore Educational Technology and Media with other curious educators around the world.     
  • How do you contribute to the learning of others? 
 I contribute to the learning of others when I share knowledge and resources, comment on postings, discuss ideas, collaborate on projects, challenge to think deeper, encourage and support when needed, and celebrate the victories of the educators that I work with as an instructional technology specialist, the people in my PLN, and hopefully some participants in #etmooc.

  • What are your learning goals for #etmooc?

I am most interested in the digital citizenship piece of creating change in the world.  Alec spoke of using this 'collective privilege' for good, and this speaks to the social re-constructionist part of my being.  Teaching all of the #etmooc participants how to use our 'collective conscious' for good reminds me of the 'butterfly effect' only more powerful because we are already a global community of learners.  So, here are my goals for #etmooc: 

Goal #1: I will learn how to use digital citizenship to create change in the world, country, state, city, community, or school; Goal #2:  I will learn more about the open movement; Goal #3:  I will learn more about the new digital storytelling tools available.

Alec showed this video for inspiration as we begin the #etmooc journey.  Enjoy!

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