Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look who's down to four plates!

Okay, after being subjected to all the whining from the California branch of the family saying that no one drives to their state and that the Missourians have such an advantage, one family from San Diego who shall be remain anonymous (Bob and Natalie) is down to four plates! While I am down to three, I am feeling immense pressure. After all, my pencils need sharpening! Grand prize--Cash Register Pencil Sharpener!


  1. How do you still have three left? You've been spending too much time smelling the victory flowers and forgot to finish the race!

  2. Ha, ha. I was playing a leisurely game of licence plates when all of a sudden it became a cut-throat competition. I had to step up the pace and put my victory flowers aside for a while. Seriously, Nevada?


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