Saturday, May 26, 2012

The New Red and Boo

From 2008 election

WARNING!  An unintended consequence of playing the License Plate Game occurs while watching political shows analyzing the upcoming presidential election and discussing how important paticular states are for this reason or that.  Political pundits label states red or blue.  Some players become so jaded by the license plate game that when they hear certain states mentioned, they don't think in terms of red and blue.  They think in terms of easy, hard, annoying (because they see certain states too often), stingy, or awesome (only if they've found a difficult state already).  Personally, my eyes actually roll when Ohio is mentioned as being such a crucial state to win.  REALLY?  Are there actually any Ohioans in Ohio because they all seem to be here!  Players need to be aware of this subliminal prejudice and guard against it influencing their opinion of the citizens of the states they find so annoying...guard against red and boo syndrome!

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