Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Rules Considerations

Team Cange presented a License Plate Game rules conundrum.  Should we count Native American Nations plates as something special?  In the past, we have counted them as vanity plates from the state they are from, usually Oklahoma.  It was proposed that these plates could be counted in a tie-breaking situation.  Still waiting for input on that suggestion. 

In the meantime, what if a plate, such as the one in the image on this post, was spotted?  We all know West Virginia is a tough plate to find (not for me this year, CHECK!).  Some of the tough plates are from states with citizens that might present themselves in the above displayed manner, though I have to admit, the ingenuity and creativity of this West Virginia native is quite amazing.  They obviously used a Sharpie because the ink is not running in the wet corner of the 'plate.'  Now, that's forward thinking!  So, should we be able to consider homemade plates?


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