Friday, July 10, 2009

Lake Como and Bellagio, Bellisimo!

Wish I could upload a pic for today because Lake Como and Bellagio are indescribably beautiful. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Internet is not reliable, and I am working from a hotel computer and can not upload my pics from here.

We drove to Lake Como from Lugano this morning on very narrow mountainside roads. Took a tour of Villa Carlotta, a beautiful palace completed in 1690. The grounds and gardens were fantastic and contained over 500 species of plants and flowers. Carlotta was a party animal, but she died young during childbirth. The museum inside was impressive and contained many paintings and scupltures of a young woman dying and being comforted by an angel. Interesting place. From here we boarded a tour boat and headed to Bellagio.

I can see how Bellagio, Las Vegas was inspired by Bellagio, Lake Como. However, the original Bellagio wins on all counts. It is more beautiful, quaint, and many more affordable shops and restaurants are available. The main street goes straight up. You need to climb many stairs to get up to the top of the town. There are shops and restaurants along the way. At the top of Bellagio is a very narrow street that can only fit a smaller car going one way. Pedestrians have to stand in doorways to allow the cars to pass. The apartments have flowers boxes hanging from the windows. The town is very neat and clean. The only bad experience we had was the waitress that served us at an adorable lakeside cafe hated Mooie and was shockingly rude to her.

After we left Bellagio, we took an hour long boat ride to Como. Along the way we passed the George Clooney (and the one he bought his parents located next door) and Richard Branson (Virgin Records owner) villas. We also saw the villa of Virsace. The scenery was breathtaking.

Tomorrow, off to Venezia!


  1. Okay Mom, what's the offical verdict on Lake Como? Are you in love? Are Marka and Papa in love? Did we talk it up to be better than it is? Details details please!!!

  2. You did not exaggerate. It is gorgeous. I LOVED it and can see why you loved it, too.

  3. Oh my God! What happened at the cafe? How annoying! I hope you didn't let that distract you from the city, though. What did Papa and Marka think? I'm anxious to hear because their favorite casino is the Bellagio. Don't you think the casino might be larger than the town? I thought so! Glad you can see what I've been talking about this whole time!

  4. I think the town is smaller than the casino, too! Wish I could be here with you.


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