Monday, July 6, 2009

Up, up and away!

I'm sitting in JFK airport in New York waiting for my flight to Milan, Italy! I can't believe my trip has finally begun. License Plate Game update: 47/50 plates. I only need Hawaii, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. Next game update in two weeks. I'll get some pics up as soon as I find something interesting. (Happy Birthday, Jeanne!)


  1. I need some pictures ASAP!! How was your flight? What do you think so far? What are your plans for today/tonight (whatever time it is there)? Any cool things worth mentioning? Fill me in - no detail is too minor!!! Pictures too when you get the chance!!!

  2. p.s. how do i get a profile picture on here?

  3. Hey, maybe you'll see North Carolina in Milan! Oh wait.... that's INCREDIBLY unlikely.

    Have an incredible time, Mom. Get the wine with every meal. It's cheaper than water.

  4. Hi Guys,

    Katie - the flight from STL to JFK was great. The flight from JFK to Milan was pretty bumpy and even more bumpy when we landed. But everything was fine. I could get used to first class.

    We waited at the airport for Marka and Popa for two hours, so we were pretty pooped. Milan feels like a big city. I am looking forward to the tour tomorrow. I REALLY can't understand the locals. They have all been very nice, so far. Off to dinner at 7:30 somewhere downtown and outside.

    Profile pic - try settings.

    Tom - You are right. NC not likely to be seen here. I had my first glass of wine at a little cafe we passed on our walk. It was good.

    Love you guys!



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