Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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Yesterday afternoon Marka and I met our tour guide at Piazzale Michelangelo for some photos of the stunning landscape of Florence. After the photos, we had dinner at Il Profeta, one of the best meals, yet.

Got up early and took off for Siena. The drive to Siena was gorgeous. Our tour guide Debi said we were not spending enough time in Siena to really see everything, but at least we would see enough to decide if we would ever want to come back. I was able to see the head of St. Catheriniana, one of the the patron saints of Siena. She look pretty good for being dead for almost 700 years! I also stood in the middle of the Campo and learned about this strange custom that the Sienese are fanatical about.

Onward to Rome. The road to Rome was mostly rolling farm land. This time of year, the landscape if blanketed with sunflower fields which were in full bloom. We got here around 5:30 pm and had 7:30 dinner reservations at a restaurant called Taverna Flavia...another great meal. The St. Regis Hotel is located in the heart of Rome and it is amazing.

Tomorrow, St. Peter's Bascilica and even more!



  1. What was the strange custom? And what is so great about all these meals?


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