Monday, June 18, 2012


Image courtesy of the former K&P.
First, the former King and Princess (FK&P) of The License Plate Game bowed to the new King and his Royal Court (K&HRC), relinquishing their title, yesterday, June 17, 2012...a day that will live in infamy.  

Image courtesy of Team Parkinson.
Then, the President of the United States, First Lady, and Vice President got in on the action.  Yes, winning The License Plate Game is quite an accomplishment (Why did Pink Panther Strikes Again just pop into my head?).  Winning on June 17 is definitely a record for the Midwest.  Of course, the all-time LPG record is a 'blazing' June 11, a title held by former K&P aka Team Cange.  I have personally only found 50 plates before July 4th one time, in all my many years of winning, I mean playing.  Bravo, K&HRC!  The question remains, who will come in second place?  

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