Monday, June 4, 2012

All Quiet on the License Plate Game Front

Helloooo?  Anyone out there?  Haven't heard any bragging or insults for a couple days.  Hmmm.  Getting suspicious.

47 - Team Cange (K. & P.)
45 - Peege (Team Gallina)
42 - Team Parkinson (Scorched)
38 - Debbie (FQRC)
37 - Eva (Newbie)
?? - Barb (Team Mom)


  1. Your blogs are incredibly entertaining and most enjoyable to read/follow. Are you using this as a distraction from the LPG? I'd rather be in the cool A/C reading your blog than finding myself driving (up to 85mph) on the highway just to see if that's a license plate I need!! Ha. Being a "newbie" to this game, I'm laying low. I meant that literally. ONLY 37 plates. Hope to see you some time over the summer! HAPPY HUNTING!

  2. Yippie! Thanks for posting Eva! Writing this blog is a distraction and much more fun than most things I should be doing. I am thoroughly impressed with your 37 plates, heck, I've only got 39! In a normal year, that would be fabulous. I've only gotten all fifty plates before July 4th one time! We are both on pace to be finished by Labor Day Weekend, and that's all that counts (however, it would be fun to win)! Happy hunting & SAFE driving!


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