Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Thing of Beauty?

The King and His Royal Court shared their LPG12 score sheet with us.  What, no Washington, D.C.?  Ha!  Check!  It appears someone on the team was filling the sheet out as they were driving.  Take a look at Maine.  Citizen's Arrest!  That is almost as bad as texting while driving!  Foul!  Oh, wait, I'm on your side!  I'm globbing on, I mean, basking in the glow of your victory.  Nevermind. 

Well, as the Former King said, "A thing of beauty for one, salt in the wounds for others..."

There are plenty of snarky comments going around regarding K&HRC's win.  For example, Team Parkinson asked how many people were on Team Gallina.  The Former King responded:   
"just how many eyeballs does that extended Gallina team have?  Having all of those passengers with roving eyes in a single car (or perhaps even more than one car?) gives a distinct advantage.  It’s like those cameras on top of cars giving 360 degree vision."   
Google Street Car borrowed by Team Gallina aka K & HRC

Hey, using a car with 360 degree vision is not mentioned in the bylaws of the LPG.  If the Former King has a problem with it, he can put it up for vote and if it passes the bylaws will be revised in time for LPG13.

In addition, the Former King, in an obvious fit of sour grapes, stole from the playbook of Carl Rove by trying to turn Team Loretta's Eva against Team Debbie by stating,

"I personally suggest that your goal is not only to get second place, but to be sure to beat Debbie, the FQRC (Former Queen and Rules Committee). She is clearly intimidated by your successful emergence (hence the “newbie” name-calling), and it would be a sweet victory for you (and the rest of us) if you could beat her at her own game." 

Ouch!  That hurt!  Here I am, minding my own business and being supportive of Team Loretta and the rest of you losers, I mean players.  May the next best team win 2nd place!

ps  The other day, Team Eva asked, "what's a Globber?"  This tickled my funny bone because we use this phrase quite a bit.  I asked DH where it came from, and he reminded me that it's from National Lampoon Vacation.  Clark talks about Aunt Edna "globbing on."


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