Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who will be the first to find the(ir) Holy Grail?

Interesting development in #LPG12.  We have a tie between Team Cange and Team Gallina.  Both teams have 49 plates.  Team Cange has been at 49 for ten days waiting patiently for a challenging, Delaware to come their way.  Team Gallina found their 49th today and only have to spot a very doable, Wyoming.  Both are waiting to see their respective Holy Grails. 

Who is your money on--Team Cange or Team Gallina?  Or could there be a sleeper out there somewhere?  Team Newbie aka Eva has 43!  Haven't heard from Team Barbara or Team Parkinson, lately.  I recounted and only have 40 (Still proud of that total, by the way.  It IS only June 14!)

Good luck brave Knights of the License Plate Table!  Onward to Camelot to find the Holy Grail!

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