Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vermont Volleyball (White Christmas reference)

License Plate Game 2012 is in full-swing.  Team Gallina is in the lead with 48 states!  There is plenty of snark to go around, for example, while rubbing in his lofty leader status of only needing two more plates in the Californians faces, John wrote: 
"I just placed an ad in Wyoming and Rhode Island newspapers:

I don't know about you, but I think that is a Vermont volleyball.  Seriously, you don't have to drive 15 minutes out of St. Louis to see a sight like the image above.  In addition, I don't think anyone from Wyoming is going to jump at the chance to get "Free Land in St. Louis."  If you don't know what a Vermont volleyball is, see the dialogue from White Christmas via IMDb below:
[after Bob has found out about Phil and Judy's phony engagement]
Judy Haynes: It's just that she's always been something of a mother hen.
Phil Davis: Yeah, and we wanted Mother Hen to leave the nest so that Little Chick could... I guess we laid an egg.
Bob Wallace: An egg? Brother, you laid a Vermont volleyball! 
I feel Bob Wallace's pain...Brother, you laid a Vermont volleyball!

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